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Residential Solar

Fit for purpose solutions designed to meet your current and future energy needs. Utilise that unused roof space to generate electricity, meet your own need and sell excess one to the grid or neighbors.

Commercial Solar

Customised solution designed by studying nature and characteristics of your load that will certainly deliver quicker payback on your investment. Off-grid and grid-tie solutions that will meet your energy demand, reduce operating costs and deliver maximum return on your investment.

Solar EPC

We provide specialised services from evaluating your investment options to guide you in making right investment that will deliver you best return. In addition we provide engineering and consulting services in design, project management, construction supervision and commissioning.

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Convenient for You

Our unique business model ensures hassle free delivery

Equipment Highly Reliable

Use best quality material around the world

Save Your Money

Customised design ensures utilisation

Local Support

Local support person near you whom you can talk face-to-face

Finance for your Solar Solutions

Local MFIs and nationalised banks will help you in getting the loan

Talk to our Customers

Talking to our customers and physically having a look at our projects

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